What to take with you


Colorful magnets, cards with the views of Novogrudok attractions, booklets, maps, guides you can buy:

Shop “Detskiy Mir” (1,Lenina Square , tel. (81597) 2-14-06)

Shop “Podarok” (the building of the bus station)

Shop “Suvenirnaya lauka Zbanok” (13, Zamkovaya street) – is temporary closed

The house-museum of Adam Mitskiewich (1,Lenin street, tel. (801597) 2-43-40)

Novogrudok Local History Museum (2 ,Grodnenskaya str., Tel. (81597) 2-14-70)

Traditional souvenirs (items made of straw and withe, braided belts) made by the hands of the best masters of Novogrudok can be purchased at the “Crafts Center” (13, Chapaev St., tel. (81597) 2-24-70).

Natural products

The Republic of Belarus is traditionally and rightfully famous for its natural products. So what do we recommend taking with you from Novogrudok?

Drink “Risovit” (non-carbonated kvass without preservative based on rice mushroom) and kvass “Bodrodar” wich does not have analogues (non-alcoholic fermented drink based on rice mushroom) innovative products of JSC “Dyatlovo distillery Algon” branch of “Novogrudok winery”.

It’s impossible to say where and when the cheese appeared. But it is precisely known that this wonderful product has come down to us from primitive times. OJSC “Dairy company Novogrudok Dari” (http://novdar.by) is one of the largest dairy enterprises in Grodno region. The enterprise produces over 80 types of products: semisolid, soft and brine cheeses, whole milk products, skimmed milk powder and whole milk. One of the most popular developments of the company are elite cheeses “PESTO RED” and “PESTO GREEN”. They have not only the original taste, but also differ from the classic cheeses with their bright green and red color.

Far beyond the borders of the Republic of Belarus are the products of the enterprises of the JV Leor Plastic Ltd. (http://www.leor.by) and LLC Provit (http://www.provit.by).

JV Leor Plastic Ltd. is an enterprise that processes oceanic and river fish products and produces vegetable salads.

The company “Provit” is one of the largest enterprises for the production of frozen semi-finished and vegetable mixes: pelmeni, vareniki, dumplings, zeppelins, pancakes, pizza, vegetables, vegetable mixes, khinkali and manty, national dishes, chebureks, fruits and berries.

And, of course, do not forget about local sweets on your tea table. Bakery and confectionery products of the branch “Novogrudok Bakery” can always become “edible” souvenirs brought from Novogrudok!