Useful Sites

Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus
National Agency for Tourism
Hrodna tourism
Sports and Tourism Department of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee
Project “The Way of Gediminovichi”
Belarusian public association “Rest in the village”
Globe of Belarus (Architectural and other sights of Belarus)
The system of selling tickets for buses
Novogrudok regional executive committee
Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the Novogrudok District Executive Committee
Novogrudok eparchy
St. Eliseevsky Lavrishivsky Monastery
House-Museum of Adam Mickiewicz
Museum of Local Lore
Art Gallery “Syazba mastaka Kastusya Kachana”
Lubchan Castle
History of Novogrudok
Newspaper “New Life”
Novo TV
Novogrudok Central Regional Library
Virtual 3D Tour