Famous natives

Adam Mitskiewich

Adam Mitskiewich is an outstanding poet of the Romantic era, publicist, activist of the Polish national movement. He had a great influence on the development of Polish and Belarusian literature in the 19th century. In Poland it is considered one of the three greatest Polish poets of the Romantic era (along with Juliusz Slovacki and Zygmunt Krasinsky).

In the town of Novogrudok works the House-Museum of Adam Mitskiewich. For the first time the museum exposition devoted to Adam Mitskiewich was opened here in 1938.

Boris Kit

Scientist in the field of astronautics, mathematician, physicist, chemist, Professor Emeritus of the University of Maryland (USA), academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, the oldest member of the American Society of Astronautics, an honorary member of the British Interplanetary Society, a member of the International Academy of Committee of Astronautics (Paris), winner of many prestigious international awards . An honorary Doctor of Science of Grodno State University, an honorary citizen of Novogrudok, where there is an exposition dedicated to him.

Sofia Groisman

Porfumer with a world-famous name. She is the author of more than fifty spirits, including the modern classics – Paris or Yvresse (Yves Saint Laurent), Eternity for Women (Calvin Klein), Trésor (Lancome), Sotto Voce (Laura Biagotti), Sun Moon Stars (Karl Lagerfeld), Jaipur Boucheron), Calyx (Prescriptives), White Linen (Estee Lauder), White Diamonds (Elizabeth Taylor) and many, many others. Sofia was born in the village of Lyubcha Novogrudok district in March 1945.

Nikolay Nabokov

A famous European and American composer, a prominent cultural figure, the cousin of the writer Vladimir Nabokov was born and grew up in the village of Lyubcha Novogrudok district

Jan Chechot

Belarusian poet, ethnographer. One of the first collectors of Belarusian folklore.

Jan Bulgak

Belarusian and Polish master of art photography, “father of Polish photography”, one of the pioneers of Polish artistic photography, ethnographer, folklorist. He was born in the village of Ostashin near Novogrudok (now Korelichi district, Grodno region).

        Mikalay Duchyts

Mikalay Duchyts was born in Liubcha, near Navahrudak, Grodno region, on the 3rd of October, 1896. In 1915 he graduated from Fine Arts’ School of Emperor’s Association of Fine Arts Encouragement in St.Petersburg. He was the disciple of Vladimir Fedorovich. He worked as a teacher on workers’ faculties, in studios and Minsk schools. Since 1925 he took part in fine arts exhibitions. His creative work mainly focused on easel painting, landscape genre in particular. Easel graphic arts formed another important part of his work. Nowadays Duchyts’s works are in the funds of Belarusian Artists’ Union, in the National Arts’ museum of Belarus and other museums. In 1933 Mikalay Duchyts became member of the BSSR Soviet Artists’ Union which he presided in 1938. He was member of Belarusian Artists’ Union since 1940.The artist died on the 3rd of September, 1980.