How to get there

Novogrudok is located 145 km from Minsk and 160 from Grodno. The Niasvizh-Novogrudok-Lida motor roads, Baranovichi-Novogrudok-Ivye, Novogrudok-Novoelnia, Novogrudok-Lyubcha pass through the territory of the district.

There is no railway in the town, you need to go by bus, minibus or personal transport. You can get acquainted with the time of departure here (

The nearest railway communication is in Baranovichi (60 km), Lida (60 km) and Novoelnya (30 km).


Bus station in Novogrudok

Address: Novogrudok, Mitskiewicha str., 19, tel. (801597) 21430.

Working hours: daily from 4.20 to 21.00

City transport Novogrudok is represented by 10 bus routes and route taxis.