General information

Area: 1700 km²

Population of the district: 46,000 people

Novogrudok district is located in the eastern part of Grodno region and occupies the territory of 1,7 thousand square km. It borders with the Ivye, Lida, Dyatlovo and Korelichi districts of Grodno region and Stolbtsy district of Minsk region. The structure includes the urban village of Lubcha, 214 rural settlements, 12 village councils.

The terrain of the district is very diverse. Most of the area is occupied by Novogrudok  Upland, along the Neman – Verkhnenemanskaya Lowland. The highest point above the level of the Baltic Sea (323 m) is Mount Zamkovaya in Novogrudok.

The main river is the Neman, there are about 50 small rivers. In the area there are also lakes: Svityaz, Litovka, the Falls, Chereslya.

Novogrudok region is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in Belarus. The preserved historical monuments, like the old film frames, show fragments of the rich past of our land.

Nowadays, Novogrudok and Novogrudok district are a developing tourist center, the priority attraction of international tourist flows.

The main directions of tourism development in Novogrudok region are cognitive tourism, religious tourism, agroecotourism and sports tourism.