The town’s attractions

The Ruins of Novogrudok Castle

Novogrudok Castle is a defensive structure built on Castle Hill. According to the legend, the castle was built in the XIII century by Prince Mindovg, who became the first Grand Duke of Lithuania. It was built in three stages from the 13th to the 16th centuries, had 7 towers, a palace, a castle church. The castle was destroyed in the wars of the middle of the XVIII century. It is a monument of defensive architecture.

Mindovg’s  Mountain

According to a local legend, Prince Mindovg, the founder of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, is buried here. In 1993 at the mountain’s foot a memorial sign was installed.

Mound of Adam Mickiewicz (Mound of Immortality)

Poured on the initiative of the Mitskiewich Committee in 1924-1931. Here is the land brought from all countries in which A. Mickiewicz lived. A memorial sign was installed at the foot of the Mound in 1998.

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

Established on the territory of the Small Castle in 1992. Author – V. Yanushkevich

Bust to Vladimir Vysotsky

Established in Novogrudok in November 2012.

Vladimir Vysotsky spent several weeks on Novogrudok in 1969  during the filming of the film “Sons go into battle” by Viktor Turov and wrote 3 songs to him.

Monument to the Monk Yelisey Lavryshevsky

On November 10, 2007, Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, consecrated the Monument to the Monk Elisei Lavrushevsky in Novogrudok.

The opening of the monument was one of the central events of the celebration of the 690th anniversary of the foundation of the Novogrudok diocese and the 15th anniversary of its restoration, which took place during the celebrations in honor of the 1015th anniversary of Orthodoxy in Belarus.

Memorable sign for the 500th anniversary of the acquisition of the Magdeburg Law by Novogrudok

Established in 2011.

Sculpture of a Knight

It is installed near the mountain of  Mindovg in 2014 in honor of the 970th anniversary of the ещцтof Novogrudok.

Author Fedor Saratsev

Alley of street lamps of organizations and institutions of Novogrudok district

Each of the lanterns is made on an individual project and reflects the activities of one or another organization of Novogrudok.

Memorial sign dedicated to the memory of the deceased children during the Holocaust

The memorial sign is installed in memory of a little girl – a prisoner of the Novogrudok ghetto and symbolizes all Jewish children who died during the Great Patriotic War.It was opened on September 26, 2017.