Travel Agencies

Travel agency “AsterraService”

Address: 34, Mitskiewich str.,office 13



Tel. +375159749000, +375447726691

Tel / Fax +375159749000

Provide services:

– outbound tourism: beach holidays

– Bus guided tours around Belarus and Europe;

– corporate tours;

– shop tours;

– event tours to concerts, music festivals, sports tournaments, etc., as well as services for the selection, booking and purchase of tickets.


Travel agency “Silvertour”

Address: 34, Mitskiewich str., office 13



Tel. 801597 49-111 (tel./fax)

Provide services:

Passenger Transportation

Excursion tours

Rent of transport


Tourist enterprise “Tropictour”

Address: 104, Mitskiewich str., building 1 (Pony shopping center), 2nd floor, pav. 24.

Tel. (801597) 4-43-28, mob. (+37529) 6-483-483



Travel agency “MaxiTour”

Address: 1A, Karskogo str., Mix shopping center, 2nd floor,

Tel. +375296876876, +375293504555,

website: E-mail: