Quest excursion “Experience Novogrudok”

You can get to know the city in several ways. Traditionally with a map, a guide or spontaneously without a plan … Mysterious Novogrudok is waiting for observant tourists. We offer sightseeing that requires activity, interaction with the urban space, solving puzzles, completing tasks and finding answers. This way of exploring Novogrudok will add exceptional emotions to tourists.

Quest is a kind of educational game based on the discovery of seemingly famous places, walking along an unmarked route. The direction  is determined by the questions contained in the instructions. The participant moves, solving tasks about the places he visits. Solving individual tasks is necessary for deciphering a key phrase and getting a prize, as well as discounts for visiting museums and galleries, buying a souvenir and lunch at a restaurant.

All you need is to purchase a quest brochure, read instructions and discover the secrets of the city.

The quest can be purchased at the tourist information center (Lenin Square, 7), at the Local history Museum  (Grodnenskaya Street, 2), at Adam Mitskevich House-museum (Lenin Street, 1), at the District Library (1st  May street , 1). After completing all the tasks, participants must decipher the code phrase and get a prize in the tourist information center of Novogrudok.

When: all year round, better time for quest is from  9:00 till 17:00

The time spend on the quest :  2,5 – 3 hours.

The place of start:Novogrudok, Lenin sq.

Tel.: +375159760747