The roads of war

Novogrudok – Skrydlevo village – Kurovskaya Gora – Chereshlya village


The exposition of the Novogrudok Historical and Local History Museum of the event of the last war contains 2 rooms. Here you can learn about the tragic retreat of the Red Army, as well as about the “Novogrudok Kettle”, in which there were 11 divisions of the 3rd, 10th, 13th armies of the Western Front.

Exposition “Jewish Resistance at Novogrudok during the Holocaust” (a memorial exposition on the site where during the war years there was a Jewish ghetto). A tunnel 200-270 meters long became the road of life for 250 prisoners of the Novogrudok Jewish ghetto, about 150 of whom reached the partisans. About those who dug the tunnel, about the survivors and dead, about the history of all Jews who survived the Holocaust in the Novogrudok ghetto, about the partisan detachment of the Belsky brothers tells the exposition of the museum, located in the former barrack (the hatch that led to the tunnel was made there).

Skrydlevo village

The place where mass shootings of civilians took place. From 1941 to 1944, the Nazis shot 18,000 people at this site.

The monument on the Kurovichi mountain – perpetuating the feat of soldiers of the 3rd, 10th, 13th Army of the Western Front, who perished in the Novogrudok boiler.

Chereshlya village

The memorial complex and partisan parking was opened in 1974. From December 1943 to July 1944, partisan detachments named after Zhdanov and Sverdlov of the partisan brigade named after Derzhinsky were based here, as well as an underground Lubchansky district party committee.

The museum exposition dedicated to the partisan movement in the district is located in the club-museum of the village of Chereslja. Opposite to the museum in 1981 a monument to the guerrillas of the Derzhinsky brigade was erected.

At the cemetery in Cheresha, members of the Civil and Great Patriotic Warrior are buried, there are the graves of the internationalist soldiers, as well as the grave of the partisan Lucy Sechko, whose name is in the street in Novogrudok.

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