Bicycle route “From castle to castle”

Route: Novogrudok-Ostashino-g. Lyubcha – Shchorsy village – Negnevichi village – Novogrudok town

The length of the route: 70 km.

The length of the bicycle paths: 1.1 km. one way

Time of the route: 1 day

Description: This route requires an average level of physical fitness, as the terrain is very hilly.

It is not only the longest cycling route of the Novogrudok district, but also the most cognitive since it lies along the most important historical places of Novogrudok

The village of Ostashino is the oldest village in the Novogrudok district. For the first time it is mentioned in documents in 1401, as the yard of the Novogrudok land belonging to Grand Duke Vitovt. Later Ostashino was owned by other personalities, no less famous in the Belarusian history, such as the princes of Chartria, Salomeretski, Jan Kishka. From the beginning of the 17th century. the owners of Ostashino for nearly two hundred years were the Radziwills.

In Ostashino, a former manor house, the 19th century, has been preserved.

g. Lyubcha. Since 1574г. Liubcha belonged to Jan Kishka, a Protestant believer who founded the Protestant cathedral here. After the death of Y. Kishka, the possessions were transferred to the Radziwills. The cathedral became Calvinist, with it in the first half of the XVII century, operated the largest printing house in Belarus, which published about 100 publications.

Lubchansky Castle is one of the last monuments of traditional castle building in Belarus. Its construction began in 1581, and finished in the beginning of the XVII century. The walls of the castle were erected on the high bank of the Neman.

In the middle school you can visit an interesting museum – the Folk History and Local Lore Museum of the Lubčany Region.

Shchors are known as the former possession of the Khreptovichi. Here the subchancler of the DGL Count Iochim Litavor Chreptovich in 1770-1776. built a stone palace on the project of Italian architects J.Sakko and K.Spampani, which became the center of the whole manor and park ensemble. Around the palace complex there is a landscape park of approx. 40 hectares with a system of artificial lakes. In the estate was located the richest library, which numbered in the middle of the Х_Хв. OK. 20 thousand books in different languages, ancient manuscripts, geographical maps. Archive. Here in due time well-known scientists and writers worked: I.Lelevel, I.Danilovich, M.Pochobut-Adlyanitsky, A.Mickiewicz, J.Cechet, V.Syrokomlya.

In Shchors there is an Orthodox Dmitrievsky church.

In the village of Negnevichi the church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God of the XIX century was preserved.