Bicycle route “The Land of Litvinka”

Route: Novogrudok – Lake. Litovka – Gorodechno village – Novogrudok town

The length of the route: 14.5 km.

The length of the bicycle paths: 3.2 km.

Time of the route: 3 hours (excluding sports entertainment and animation program)

Description: Today, Lake Litovka is a favorite holiday destination for Novogrudok people, and was once one of Adam Mickiewicz’s favorite places. This route will allow you to see the most beautiful panoramic view of Novogrudok. At the lake. Litovka has the opportunity to have a picnic, play table tennis or volleyball, watch the animation program “On the Land of the Legendary Litvinka” (organizers (801597) 2-69-94, 2-33-09)

The route is suitable for a quiet ride by a group of cyclists or family. The cycle path, which runs along the P5 highway, starts at the exit from Novogrudok and runs to the lake. Lithuanian. There is also a bicycle path on the road section of Gorodechno – Novogrudok.