Bicycle route “On the historical corners of Novogrudok”

Route: pl. Lenin Street. Mickiewicz – st. Volcheckogo – st. Soviet – st. Komsomolskaya – st. Lenin Street. Small Castle

The length of the route: 3 km.

Time of the route: 1 – 1.5 hours

The main objects on the route:

1. Historical buildings of Lenin Square

St. Boris and Gleb Church (16th century).

St. Nicholas cathedral (XVIII century).

Monument to the Monk Elisei Lavryshevsky

Catholic church of St. Michael (XVIII century).

Shopping Rows (early XIX century).

Urban building XIX – the beginning of the XX century.

Historical museum of local lore (possibility of visiting).

2. A commemorative sign for the 500th anniversary of the acquisition of the Magdeburg Law by Novogrudok.

The building of the former voivodship office (early XX century).

The former house of the voevoda (early 20th century).

3. The building of the former railway station (early XX century).

The old Christian cemetery (the tomb of Zaborsky in 1858, the tomb of Sadovsky in the 1930s).

4. Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky.

5. The mosque (XIX century).

6. House-Museum of Adam Mickiewicz (opportunity to visit).

Monument to soldiers – internationalists.

7. Castle Mountain

Ruins of the castle (XIII-XVI century).

Farny church (XVIII century).

The monument to Adam Mickiewicz (established in 1992).

Barrow of Adam Mickiewicz (piled in 1924-1931).

“Syazba mastaka Kastusya Kachana” (opportunity to visit).