The 975th anniversary of Novogrudok will be celebrated on the 5th of October

The program of the event, 05/10/2019

Lenin Square – the main event venue

  • grand opening “The power of the past is in history, the power of the future is in us!” (theatrical performance that presents the history of the town)
  • brass bands parade «Fanfare over Novogrudok», brass bands concert «In the rhythm of 975»
  • concert «Happy anniversary, Novogrudok!»
  • fire-pyrotechnic show
  • performance the anthem of Novogrudok
  • fireworks

Novogrudok castle, Maly Zamak str., mound of Adam Mitskievich

  • knights’ festival «Novogrudok castle. Jagiello and Sofya Golshanskaya’s Wedding Reconstruction»
  • vernissage «Novogrudok’s Montmartre»
  • festival of national cultures « Multinational Novogrudok. The hearts sounding in tune»

City park

  • playground for children «Funny kaleidoscope»
  • quest-game «Novogrudok – the treasury of traditions»

Local History Museum

  • photo gallery «Leafing through shabby pages»
  • retro-concert «Old phonograph record»
  • defile of traditional Novogrudok costumes

House-Museum of Adam Mickiewich

– literary-museum project «Novogrudok Literary Olympus»

Volchetskogo str.

  • opening of a memorial sign «Entrance gates»

During the event you can visit the town of all trades, craftsmen’s workshops, photozones.

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