Tax Free

Tax Free  Tax Free is available in Belarus for more than 3 years and widely popular among tourists. There are more than 800 partner stores in Belarus, offering various kinds of goods – from jewellery, clothing, footwear to appliances.

Tax Free is the VAT refund system for foreign residents. Beltamozhservice RUE is the only Tax Free provider in our country.

Goods, which are subject to VAT at 20%, are available for Tax Free Shopping. VAT refund is equal to 12,5% of a purchase amount.

The service is eligible when spending over 80 BYN in a Tax Free partner store on the same day (nearly 35 euro).

How to use Tax Free service in Belarus 

Receive Tax Free Form

Ask store staff for the Tax Free Form when you paying for your purchases. Your passport or another document replacing it will be required. Store employee draws up Tax Free Form in tree parts. You will get the first part of the Tax Free Form (blue) with attached cash vouchers and the duplicate of the second part (yellow, for Customs Authorities), as well as a prepaid envelope.

Tax Free Form filled in incorrectly – (leads to a) denial of refund.

Stamp Tax Free Form 

When you passing through the customs control, present the goods you purchased and completed Tax Free Form to get export validation customs stamp. Goods must be unused, in undamaged package. Leave a copy of the second part of the Tax Free Form (yellow) to the Customs Authorities. Keep the first copy of Tax Free Form(blue).

Customs control can be passed within 3 months from the date of purchase. 

The absence of the Customs stamp – (leads to a) denial of refund.

Get Tax Free Refund 

Refunds for purchases made through the Tax Free System can be obtained by cashless transfer to a bank card or in cash at the National Airport “Minsk” at the Beltamozhservice point of issue located in the arrivals area, as well as in the branches of Belarusbank located at the republican customs clearance points on the border with Poland, with Lithuania, with Latvia, with Ukraine.