Touristic cycling route “King Mindovg”

Route: tourist information center in Novogrudok,
Lenin Square
– Sechko Street
– Lane Park
– city park (ski track)
– The Church of the Ascension
– 1st May Street
– Lenin Square

The length of the route: 2 km.     The route is marked.

The cycling route connects the main sights of the town of Novogrudok:  Town buildings from the 19th – beginning of the 20th century,    the Church of St. Michael the Archangel (18th century),     the Church of St. Nicholas (18th century),    the Museum of Local History (Grodnenskaya str., 1),   The house-museum of Adam Mickiewicz (Lenin street, 1),   the St. Boris and Gleb church (16th century),    the city park (30th of XX century),   fragments of the Novogrudok castle (XIV-XVI century),   the Farny church (XVIII century) .),  a museum of mini-models “Lost heritage”  (1 Maya Street, 1),   Konstantin Kachan’s   Art  Gallery (9, Zamkovaya Street)