Owner of the agro-homestead: Efimov Aleksader Nikolaevich

Address: Grodno region, Novogrudok district, Valevka village, +375296417148 hutoryarinka@yandex.by

Located on a secluded farm, 250m from the road. The wooden house has 5 bedrooms with 17 beds. On the ground floor there is a kitchen (microwave, gas stove, refrigerator), shower (hot water), TV, wi-fi. Near the house there is a gazebo for 25 places, a bath, two pools (2x2x0.7 m and 4x4x1.6m), a pond (stocked), a pneumo-table, a children’s playground and volleyball court. The distance to the lake Svityaz is 2.4 km. The historical castles of Mir, Nesvizh, Novogrudok, Lida, Kosovo, Ruzhany are located in the distance of 80 km.