Owner of the agro-homestead: Shavnya Dmitriy Anatolievich

Address: Grodno region, Novogrudok district, u.v. Shchorsy,  Parkovaya str., 17

GPS: 53.654725 N 26.167592 E

+375 29 690 35 35

Email: siadziba@mail.ru

The nimber of beds: 12

The homestead is located on the territory of the landscape park and is surrounded by six ponds. In the windows of the house you can see unique sights built by Italian architects as early as the 18th century: the steward’s house, the remains of the palace with the famous library of Joachim Khreptovich, a smokehouse, the magnificent Dmitry Solunsky church and, of course, the castle-style “murovanka”. The former house of the librarian has turned into a museum-estate, which is ready to tell about the history of this place and the hobbies of the Belarusian gentry with its paintings, engravings, antique furniture and interior items!

Up to 12 guests can plunge into the unique atmosphere of the manor. The interiors of the four separate rooms will tell about the four seasons and the four historical periods in which guests and the former owners of Shchorsy took part. According to the legend, officers of the Napoleonic Guard lived in the first room “cold spring”, and the exhibits tell about the rise and fall of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
In the second room “bright summer”  Adam Mitskevich, relaxing on an Italian bed, came up with the name Grazyna. Working in the library with historical materials and communicating with Adam Khreptovich he conceived and wrote the poems “Grazhina” and “Konrad Volenrod”. You will find books with these works on the shelves of the bookcase.
The third room, “sad autumn”, contains original geographical maps and exhibits from the period of the First World War.
The idea of ​​the fourth room “warm winter” covers the period up to 1939 and gives hope for a rebirth. Near the stove, lined with a 19th-century tile, it is comfortable to sit and read the book Fracture, the Russian Countess Olga Buteneva-Khreptovich, who was the wife of the last owner of the palace.
In the warmed veranda, made in a loft-style, you can admire the rays of the setting sun and a magnificent view of the park and ponds. Newspapers in Belarusian, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, German, which were used for the collage around the window.  “Time mirror” were read by numerous guests and visitors at home in 1893-1938. Fireplace, heated floors, hunting trophies, a kitchen with everything you need, Italian masters tiles and hand-molded bricks create coziness and good mood for meetings and dates. A flat-screen TV, cable TV, DVD player, karaoke will allow you to have fun and to have a good time! FREE Wi-Fi !!!
In the Russian bath, which is heated by wood, you can relax, admire the old picture with the scene of the hunting, listen to the lamp receiver.  On the grill you can cook a great kebab.
Altanka is simply created for a leisurely tea and intimate conversations.  You can swim in the river Neman and lakes Kroman and Svityaz.