Owner of the agro-homestead: Shilko Oleg Konstantinovich

Address: Grodno region, Novogrudok district, Novosady village, 2
Tel. +375 29 7614548, +375 29 1599104
Website: http://kemping-svityz.by

The  agricultural homestead is situated in the village of  Novosady.

The estate has one house (pl. 70 sq / m for the rest of the company) with amenities and four holiday homes (for rest of one or two people.)

For outdoor recreation, the homestead offers two and four local tents (with a full service package of the homestead), as well as a place for a tent camp.

On the territory of the homestead there is a zone for entertainment and recreation: a volleyball court, badminton, footballs, darts, two hammocks (located in the shade of trees), two comfortable swimming pools with a water purification filter, a gazebo, a brazier and a huge marquee for large companies on the territory of the farm. For the smallest holidaymakers there is a sandpit, a comfortable swing and a children’s pool. Also, the homestead provides rental of 1-seat and 2-seat rubber inflatable boats, circles and other equipment for swimming.